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770 Vernon, Saanich, BC

Built 2004: 1840 sf
3 Bed, 2 Bath

Great neighbourhood, well-built and vendors are motivated!

                           Saanich, BC

This is the main description of the property that would be the real estate equivalent of an "Elevator Pitch":  The core selling points that justify why it's worth the asking price and why it should sell quickly, calling for action on the part of the viewer.   

It doesn't need to be more than 2-3 paragraphs.


  • Features 1 - Not too much information, just the most important items.
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  • Special Benefits - what are the uniquely valuable attributes?  
  • Neighbourhood - describe relevant transportation, schools, shopping, etc.

Please contact the vendor or agent by EMAIL 
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The best times for showings are
6-9pm Monday-Thursday,
or 10-7pm on weekends.